To everyone living in japan and comes to japan

If you live in Japan, why not spend your holidays at Lake Inawashiro?


Let's enjoy wakeboarding and wakesurfing at comfortable Lake Inawashiro.


If you visit Lake Inawashiro several times during the season and enjoy wakeboarding and wakesurfing as a hobby, visit the outdoor sports course.

If you want to enjoy the lake by motor boat, Lake Resort Leisure Course is recommended.


Pricing and timetable


Lake Resort Leisure Course


Boat charter plan 40,000 yen 1 boat up to 7 people for 2 hours.(See here for time table)

We, who know Lake Inawashiro well, are in charge of driving.

You can do cruising, swimming, wakeboarding, banana boating, wakesurfing.


Both plans have the best relaxation time.


the outdoor sports course


Wakeboard, wakesurfing common 1 round (15 minutes) 4700 yen 1 person

Gear rental 1000 yen 1 round


This is the best sport for active rest. Make wakeboarding and wakesurfing your hobby!


Wetsuit rental is also available. One 1,000 yen

Rental is available only when using our menu.


Isn't wakeboarding and wakesurfing expensive? ?

That's right!

I thought so too. Even if I was invited by a friend

I didn't actually do it because it was so expensive.

But I actually started doing it. . . . Why don't I do this fun so fast! ! I tought.

So, after reading this, I hope that I can push your back a little.


Extraordinary experiences! ! ! The feeling of sliding on water.


Exhilaration is different from sightseeing boats! = It ’s fun just to ride on the boats for wake boarding and wake surfing.


1 round → 15 minutes @ Wake is usually done with this mechanism. First of all, I thought first. . . 15 minutes? ? ? Isn't it short? ?

Please try it first. It's a pretty intense sport. It's half a day's worth of snowboarding! Really!!!


This is probably the greatness of wakeboarding, wakesurfing.


So please try it out and find the greatness of wakeboarding, wakesurfing.


Reservation by e-mail